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We invest in people and spaces
Alphastone Investments

Alphastone is an investment and development company specialized in residential and commercial real estate.
We constantly strive for innovative, creative and social approaches in the real estate industry through solid partnerships.


Our purpose: to create the urban space of the future with our partners. 

Private Equity Investments

Alphastone aims at providing the resources and share its experience in the real estate industry to grow ventures in emerging asset classes combining real estate, services, digitalisation and social goals.  Ahead of the trend, we will grow our concepts and brands in order to make them leaders in their niche.

Direct Real Estate Investments

Alphastone develops and delivers lasting value to investors, users and communities by enhancing urban real estate.

Together with our partners, we shape, build and create new ways of living and working for the cities of tomorrow.

“In all our projects, we create value through an operator oriented strategy. We want to stay close and partner up with our end user.”

- Maxime Xantippe, Managing Partner Alphastone  
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